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Searching for a criminal defense law firm in Boise, Idaho? Hooper Law Offices will represent your best interests. We offer free consultations for all our clients whether you're facing violent crime, DUI, or drug charges. You'll work directly with a criminal attorney to build your case, explore all your options and present your defense in court.

Aaron Hooper is heaven sent! For the first time, I felt like someone truly cared about my family. Aaron took a genuine interest in what I had to say and was able to relate from several different angles. He thoughtfully listened to all sides and stood up for me when everyone else seemed to be tearing me down. In the end, Mr. Hooper won an incredibly challenging case for us; one that could only be best described as miraculous. It is for this reason, and many more, that I am highly recommending attorney Hooper for your most difficult legal needs. He will fight for you tooth and nail! To this day, I am still in awe and am extremely impressed with the way he handled my case. Thank you, Aaron!


Nampa, ID

Hooper Law Offices are diligent, knowledgable, and experienced lawyers who understand your position and how best to limit your exposure.

Aaron Hooper represented my case. He understands the law and can maneuver and work with prosecutors so everybody is comfortable with the outcome. No matter how much trouble you feel you are in, Aaron has a calming effect as he works his way thru the case. I highly recommend Aaron Hooper and have him on retainer.


Boise, ID

Aaron Hooper is is an excellent lawyer. He listened to me and my husbands needs and went above and beyond to get us the best deal. He is very knowledgable and really cares about his clients. I highly recommend his services.


Nampa, ID

Choose a diverse,
experienced law firm

We work toward a positive outcome for all our clients. With more than five years of experience as a criminal attorney and additional experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Aaron Hooper has established a solid reputation in the field. His experience as a prosecutor puts him one step ahead of the opposition in your defense.

Attorney Hooper is also bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish to serve clients better. Our criminal defense law firm is dedicated to providing you with top-quality representation from start to finish.

You have rights too.

If you're being arrested for a crime, even one you didn't commit, you have rights too. Reach out to an attorney right away and remember the following:

You have the right to remain silent

You have the right to a criminal attorney

Use both of those rights to your advantage.

Contact Hooper Law Offices in Boise, Idaho and remain silent until your criminal attorney arrives.

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